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How to Make Camp in Red Dead Redemption 2

by Josh Hawkins

The west is a wild and open place and you won’t always have the luxury of finding a hotel nearby to rest in. If you’re out in the cold, looking for a place to rest for the night, then knowing how to make camp in Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to pay off. The good news is you can build a campfire in Red Dead Redemption 2, which will then allow you to set up a camp anywhere your heart desires. Read on to find out how to make camp and setup a campfire in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How to Make Camp in Red Dead Redemption 2

Making camp is an important aspect of open world games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and knowing how to craft your own campfire and set up your camp is going to be key to giving yourself a little down time when you’re outside of the Van der Linde gang’s main camp. There are quite a few reasons for you to camp out when you’re traveling. Not only can you cook and craft, but you can also catch some rest, which will allow you to return to your journey healthy and rested. Ready for whatever comes next.

Before you can start camping out, though, you’re going to need to make it past the story quest Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego. Once you’ve completed this quest, you can easily start crafting campfires from your Item Wheel, which can be access through the Weapon Wheel at any point.

When you’re ready to camp out for the night, find yourself a nice spot to set up and then use your Item Wheel to craft yourself a campfire. With the campfire crafted, place it down on the ground and you’ll be given a few different options to choose from. Keep in mind that you can’t build your campsite too close to civilization, so if you’re in an area where you aren’t able to set up your camp, you should receive a message stating as much.

Once your camp is set up you can easily sleep, craft or cook or leave and get back to looking around and exploring. Cooking and crafting will allow you to craft necessary supplies or food to help you stay alive longer out in the wild west, where as sleeping will skip through the night and on to the next morning, afternoon or evening. This will cause Arthur to wake up refreshed at the chosen time of day. You can also set up a tent when choosing what time you want to sleep until. We’re not yet sure if this really gives you any additional benefits, but it’s worth doing anyway just for the added immersion.

RDR2 Campfire

After choosing your wake-up time, Arthur will sleep and wake at that desired time. Upon waking up, you can choose to rest by the fire some more, cook, craft more items if you need to, or even tear down the camp and move on. 

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