How Long Does it Take to Get the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2? – Answered

The bully is back.

Symbiote Suit Spider-Man 2
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The Symbiote Suit has been part of the marketing for Spider-Man 2 for months now, but when it appears is a different discussion. You won’t be able to simply unlock it with upgrades, but we’ll give you an estimate of when you can get it within the main story.

When Do You Unlock the Black Suit in Spider-Man 2?

You get the Symbiote Suit after completing the “Good Men” mission in the main story. In this mission, MJ tries to rescue Dr. Connors at the abandoned zoo. It’s up to Peter and Harry to help her before time runs out. This is the sixteenth main mission, and is preceded by the quest “Funky.”

We were able to get the Black Suit, which is the official name of the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2, after about 8-10 hours of gameplay. After completing the “Good Men” mission, we checked our completion percentage in the game and we were at 26% percent done.

Spider-Man 2 Black Suit/Symbiote Suit
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Depending on how much side content you do, that number will change because it factors in every activity. However, we can say that we’ve been doing a decent amount of the side content we encounter. With that said, the Symbiote suit seems to unlock about one-quarter or one-third into the main story. Prepare for a slow burn before you get your hands on Bully Lowenthal.

You’ll know you have reached the critical point for the Black Suit when you take control of Mary Jane for the first time in Spider-Man 2. She is sneaking around a zoo and it’s in this location where a few things go wrong for Peter and his friends. Without giving any spoilers, the events at the zoo lead to the Symbiote bonding with Peter.

After you finish the “Good Men” mission, you can technically put your other suit back on in the menu. We personally left the Black Suit on because it fits the narrative and you will be forced to use it again down the line. You can always fast-track this leg of the narrative if you want to go back to normal.

Symbiote Suit Powers in Spider-Man 2

When you acquire the Symbiote Suit, you’ll also gain access to new powers. You don’t actually need to be wearing the suit to use these powers, but it’s a lot more thematically appropriate if you do. Here’s a list of all the Symbiote Suit powers in Spider-Man 2.

  • Venom Surge.
  • Symbiote Punch.
  • Symbiote Blast.
  • Symbiote Strike.
  • Symbiote Yank.

Unlocking the suit will also award the A New Suit achievement trophy. You can unlock Symbiote abilities by investing skill points into them. The best and fastest way to get more skill points is by simply completing as many main story missions as possible. Make sure to do plenty of side quests as well.

For a good look at all the customization ahead of you, read our guide on all the suits in Spider-Man 2.

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