How Long Does it Take to Beat The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

This adventure might take some time...

How Long Does it Take to Beat The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda games have traditionally always been long adventures, but they didn’t require enormous open-world times to complete. All that changed with Breath of the Wild (2017) when the legendary action RPG Nintendo series went full Zelda-Skyrim style.

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According to the completion times aggregator site, it took 92 hours on average to complete Breath of the Wild. The quickest route covering only the main story took around 50 hours, while the completionist runs could take up to 189 hours. So, how does the sequel – Tears of the Kingdom measure up? Let’s find out.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

As the game just came out, information on is not yet finalized, since there aren’t too many entries yet but from times that are submitted by now the main story of TotK should take around 40 hours, while the main + a little bit of extra content should take about 70 hours. For me, that was more like around 80 to 90 hours, but it will take some time and more entries to be collected in order to get a more realistic picture of average times. There is no information on how long the completionist route will take in Tears of the Kingdom – but it is a safe bet that it will be much more the Breath’s 189 hours.

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We’ll check these average times again in a week, and until then enjoy Tears of the Kingdom at your own pace, rushing through a game like this is doing yourself a disservice and ruining the experience. However, there are players who already compete in speedrunning, which often includes the use of glitches – there is a video of a player who managed to complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in around 90 minutes!

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