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How Long Does It Take to Beat GTA V?

by Nicholas Barth

GTA V is the most successful entertainment product of all time. However, a recent surge of interest has been applied to the popular game, with it becoming free for players to obtain from the Epic Games Store. Now, a whole host of new players are diving into the insane story of GTA V for the very first time and seeing everything the game has to offer. There is a great deal of content for players to enjoy in this particular game, which has lead plenty of players to ask a straightforward question. How long does it take to beat GTA V? Fortunately, we have the various amounts of time it may take you to beat this entry in the legendary gaming franchise covered for you.

How Long Does It Take to Beat GTA V?

Now, the time that it takes someone to beat this game will depend on how much of the content they choose to partake in when they are playing. Those who are only looking to complete the main story of the game straight through are looking at around 31 to 31 hours of playtime to accomplish this. Those who beat the main story of GTA V and complete the side missions are looking at a completion time of around 47 hours. Players who want to have the accomplishment of beating everything that GTA V has to offer will probably take around a total of approximately 79 hours to beat all of the content contained within the title’s universe. 

 how long does it take to beat gta v

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How long it takes you to complete the game will also depend on your skill level. Those who can complete everything on their first try will beat the game in less time than those who have to attempt specific missions or activities multiple times to accomplish them. However, there is no right amount of time to complete the game. Players should play at their own pace and whatever way that provides them the most enjoyment. 

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