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How to “Lock” Doors in Modern Warfare and Warzone

by Lucas White

Over the weekend, the Call of Duty League Championships aired. A lot was going on during the event, from the competition itself to several kinds of giveaways. But that wasn’t the only thing that gathered attention. The winner of the event, James Eubanks, cracked wise about locking doors in Modern Warfare. As it turns out, you can totally “lock” doors in Modern Warfare, and somehow this technique has evaded the Call of Duty community for a while now.

Locking Doors in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

It’s easy to look at an annualized shooter series year by year and not see significant changes. But there’s always something that may seem small on paper but can really change the game on a meta level. Such is the case with doors, which are actually new to Call of Duty as of Modern Warfare and Warzone. See, Call of Duty is traditionally more of a fast-paced shooter about managing space and being sneaky, so doors contradict that a bit. 

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That said, things like doors are crucial for a good battle royale experience, adding a little extra depth to defensive play. Obviously you normally just run through doors then run into them to close them back or slam it shut, but it’s also possible to block the door with your body, effectively locking it. Instead of closing the door, if you leave it just a bit ajar and stand in the entryway, you’ll be able to look outside while opposing players are unable to kick that door open. Apparently it’s really handy during high-level play!

There is a counter, thank goodness. If you find yourself running into a player using this trick, all you have to do is drop a stun grenade. When it pops off you’ll blow the door wide open, trumping whatever physics-defying powers were preventing your entry before. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to this little-known trick now that the cat’s thoroughly out of the bag, but for now it’s a pretty fun (and funny) exploit.

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Did you see door-locking shenanigans over the weekend during the Call of Duty League Champion stream? Or did you already know this was possible? How do you figure such a thing wasn’t more well-known? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!  


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