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How to Level Up Quickly in Sniper Elite 4, Earn More Money

by Josh Hawkins

Leveling up might not seem like an important part of Sniper Elite 4, but the truth is, it plays a large part in how you approach missions later on in the game. In order to purchase new weapons and items you must first obtain more money, which can only be done by level up your character. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to level up quickly in Sniper Elite 4, as well as offer a few pointers to help you earn more money.

How to Level Up

Experience in Sniper Elite 4 is rewarded for a multitude of reasons. Completing Optional Objectives, taking down German Officers, and even getting specific kills can result in additional experience for your character. Another easy way to earn experience is to complete the challenges associated with each level. You can view the challenges for each level after you beat it. This gives you more reasons to replay the missions and try to take your enemies out in entirely new ways.

Earning experience in Sniper Elite 4 isn’t hard at all. If you want to unlock all the weapons, though, you’re going to need to know how to prioritize your endeavors so that you can earn more experience during each mission.

How to Earn Experience Quickly

As stated above, earning experience in Sniper Elite 4 is extremely easy. There are, however, some things that you can do to make sure you’re earning the most experience possible. We’ve compiled a short list of tips below.

Make sure to cover your sounds. Sound masking is an important mechanic in Sniper Elite 4 and each kill that you complete while sound masking your shots will earn you additional experience.

Take down enemies from farther away. The longer the kill shot, the better experience you will earn. Try to find a good vantage point and then take out as many enemies as possible from further away. This will net you more experience while also allowing you to stay hidden.

Don’t just go for headshots. While, headshots are extremely effective, there are a slew of other shots available in the game. Try to take out enemies with Testicle Shots, Stomach Shots, Heart Shots, and even Neck Shots to make the most of your kills and rack up any additional combo experience.

Try to chain different stats together when taking enemies down. You’ll get more experience for killing an enemy while positioned above them, emptying your lung, pulling off a “special” shot, and sound masking the kill. Make sure you’re combining things as much as possible.

Use the dead bodies of enemies to lure other Infantry to their deaths. When you have Trip Mines equipped you can approach a dead body and booby trap it, allowing you to set other soldiers up to die. Then, just set the body up somewhere and wait for a German soldier to investigate. When they get too close, the Trip Mine will trigger and both bodies will go up in an explosion.

Complete all of the objectives in each mission. Many of the missions in Sniper Elite 4 offer Optional Objectives, which you do not have to complete to finish the mission. While these aren’t required, you should still try to complete these objectives to maximize the amount of experience that you earn for each mission. It may take you a little longer, but this type of game is all about patience anyway.

Find collectibles in each mission. Each mission has an assortment of collectible items hidden throughout. These items not only give you a glimpse into the history surrounding Sniper Elite 4’s plot, they also reward you with experience and cash. We already have a few guides up to help you find all of the Duty Rosters hidden in the game, as well as a full article on how to locate and destroy all the Stone Eagle statues in each level.

Take out every enemy. No, seriously. Take them all out. Sure, there are a lot of soldiers stationed around each mission in Sniper Elite 4, and some of them are just a downright pain to take out. You shouldn’t let that stop you, though, as each kill that you get in Sniper Elite translates into experience for Karl Fairburne, which then translates into cash that you can use to purchase new Snipers, Sidearms, and Secondary weapons.

Earning experience is a key part of the Sniper Elite equation and you’ll want to make sure you’re following the information above to maximize the amount of experience that you earn with each mission. If you take your time, clear all of the Optional Objectives, take out all the enemies, and combine different stats for your kills, you’ll have a much easier time earning cash and unlocking new items. Return to our Sniper Elite 4 guide for more articles that will help you take down the Germans and stop the war.

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