How to Increase Legend in Ghost of Tsushima

You gotta level up your Samurai reputation, and here's how to do it.

Like many other open world adventures, Ghost of Tsushima is driven by chasing upgrades. As a reward for exploring the massive world in the game, you get crucial tools for powering up, from equipment to stat bonuses, and of course points for skill trees. In Ghost of Tsushima you earn technique points that are used anywhere from upgrading your various sword stances, to earning new combat abilities or other skills that help you find your way around. But how do you earn those points? You have to increase your Legend. 

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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Increase Legend

As Jin is merely a soldier trying to carry on his family name, barely surviving the story’s introduction doesn’t do much for his reputation. So you start out as The Broken Samurai, a reflection of your core abilities but not much more. As you climb the ranks, you get permanent health and Resolve increases, as well as new kinds of weapons such as the kunai. But how do you earn more Legend? As you might expect, making your way through the story helps a lot, but there are a few other ways to increase your skill pool, and notoriety.

Completing Tales (quests) in Ghost of Tsushima is the most straightforward way to earn Legend ranks, as one might expect. They come in different sizes, labeled as Jin’s Journey (the main story, largest Legend increase), Tales of Tsushima (side quests, lowest Legend increase), and Mythic Tales (different tier of side quests that award a medium-sized Legend increase). Completing Tales can also come with other awards, such as new armor.

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As you make your way around Tsushima, you’ll inevitably come across areas marked as Mongol Territory. These are towns, villages, and other encampments the Mongolian army has occupied. Taking these down is crucial, not only for Legend experience but also for learning new stances. The rewards for these will vary based on the difficulty level, but if you look at the area on your map after you uncover it you’ll be able to see the individual rewards.

Completing tasks and objectives make sense, and another way to get a slight Legend bump is to make sure you’re engaging in random combat while you’re out exploring. Even when you’re riding on your horse, it’s a good idea to hop off and engage enemies while you’re out in the wilderness. Normally, taking out individual enemies doesn’t get you any Legend while you’re working on a quest. But if you get accosted by soldiers or bandits out on the field, you do get a little Legend reward for taking them down.

Finally, the last way to increase your Legend is by visiting lighthouses. It’s pretty easy to spot these massive structures, and all you need to do is climb to the top and light them. You’ll get an Assassin’s Creed-like sweeping camera sequence, then walk away with a healthy bump to your Legend.

Ultimately, getting that Ghost of Tsushima Legend rank up isn’t something you have to worry too much about, because this is a game that wants you to eventually earn everything, rather than choose a specific build. That’s why there are so many different ways to level up. This game really wants you to take your time and soak everything in, so just relax until there’s a sword in your face.

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