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How to Heal in Dead Cells

by Josh Hawkins

As you explore the dark world of Dead Cells, you’re bound to come across some very challenging enemies. If you don’t know how to heal in Dead Cells, you won’t be able to get through these enemies, let alone the deadly traps in the game. If you want to stay alive, knowing how to heal in Dead Cells, as well as how to recover your health his going to be very important. Let’s take a closer look at how to heal in Dead Cells.

How to Heal in Dead Cells

Healing in Dead Cells isn’t the most straightforward thing. While there are definitely items around the world that you can find—like kebabs and other edible items, you’ll more than likely depend solely on your healing flask to heal up your character.

Now, this healing item isn’t something that you’ll have available early on. In fact, you’ll only gain access to it after meeting The Collector for the first time. The Collector is the merchant-like upgrade system where you purchase new abilities for your character using the Cells that you acquire throughout your journey. These items are found as you progress, so the longer you survive, the better off you’ll be.

Once you meet The Collector for the first time, you’ll gain access to machine that fills a vial-like flask that you can use to heal up your character. This can be filled only after reaching The Collector after each section of the game, so make sure you hold onto this healing item until you absolutely need it.

Aside from the main healing flask, players can also find different items throughout the game that will heal them for a certain percentage. These items can only be used when your health is low, though, so make sure to grab them up if you have any HP missing when you come across them.

Now that you know more about healing, how to heal, and how to refill your healing flask, make sure you check out our Dead Cell combat tips, as well as our guide on how to get upgrades for all the helpful information that you need to survive and stay alive in Dead Cells.