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How To Get Xbox Game Pass On PC

by John Cooper

Microsoft at E3 2019 did a brilliant job of unveiling lots of exciting new projects and games, even if they aren’t all coming out any time soon. However, as has been the way over the last few years, one of Microsoft’s biggest announcements wasn’t a game announcement, but a shrewd business decision.

The Xbox Game Pass is something of a shining example of how a subscription model of gaming can work, at least from the consumer side of things. The big news this year is that they are bringing that same service to PC, which is brilliant news for anybody who owns one. It does mean that some people are wondering how to get Xbox Game Pass on PC though, so we thought we would lend you a helping hand. 

How To Get Xbox Game Pass On PC

While the app is still technically in beta, getting the Xbox Game Pass on PC is a massive boon to the gaming prospects of pretty much everyone, and especially those on a budget. To sign up, you simply need to head on over to the Xbox website and download the app. 

Once you’ve done this, load up the app and follow along with the instructions it gives you. Once you reach the end of the process, you are good to go. All you need to do know is try and figure out which game to start playing first, and there are no guides for that issue though as we all struggle with it too. 

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