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How to Get Upgrades in Dead Cells

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to become stronger and survive longer in Dead Cells, then you’re going to need to learn about upgrades. The upgrade system in Dead Cells works a bit differently than in other games, but it’s still very useful. In fact, knowing everything about Dead Cells upgrades is extremely important. Don’t worry, here’s what you need to know to dive in and start earning yourself some new upgrades in Dead Cells.

How to Get Upgrades in Dead Cells

The only way to currently get upgrades for your weapons and character in Dead Cells is to explore the game world and find Scrolls of Power. These items allow you to upgrade any one of the game’s base three stats, and when activated will usually give you three options to choose from.

It should be noted that picking up a Scroll of Power will automatically make you choose from the three upgrades that you have available. These upgrades include, Brutality, Tactics and Survival.

Now, the key thing to remember with these upgrades is that each one will upgrade a particular facet of your character’s arsenal. We’ve broken all of that information down below, so take a look at it to understand the difference between the upgrades that you have available.

Understanding the Upgrade Types

As we said before, there are three different upgrade types that you can choose from when you activate a Scroll of Power.


This upgrade grants the player an additional +50% HP, as well as an additional +15% damage to all RED items. This includes your primary weapon and any devices that are red in color.


The second upgrade option, Tactics, will grant players an additional +40% HP as well as an additional +15% damage to all PURPLE items.


The final upgrade option, Survival, will give you +60% HP as well as +15% damage to all GREEN items that you find and equip.

The nice thing about these upgrades is that you can easily see which items you currently have on you that these upgrades will affect by showing an upwards facing arrow on the items that the upgrade will most directly affect.

Now that we’ve talked more about how to get upgrades and how these upgrades work, make sure you check out our Dead Cells combat tips to learn more about rolling and dodging. We’ll also show you how to heal, which you’ll want to know how to do as you head into the more difficult levels of the game.