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How to Get Started in Scum

by Josh Hawkins

Getting started in Scum doesn’t have to be this big daunting thing. In fact, like most survival games, there are a few things you can do when you’re getting started to make the transition from lowly nobody, to well-established survivor much easier. We’ll share a few helpful tips we’ve picked up along the way, which will help you get started in Scum with a nice understanding of how things work.

How to Get Started in Scum

There is a lot to learn about Scum. Not only are you going to want to learn where to get the best loot and things like that, but just getting a basic understanding of the game’s base systems will make it much easier to dive in and stay alive longer.

Make a Weapon Quickly

The easiest weapon you can get your hands on is a Wooden Spear. This can easily be made by making a knife, and then carving up a long stick. If you want more help with this, then make sure you check out our guide on how to make a Wooden Spear.

Once you have your wooden spear, you can start chucking it at any players or zombies that come your way. This makes for a really great weapon to start out with, and while it might not be that great for long-term battles, it will work perfectly for right now.

Make a Backpack

If you’re going to be running around, you might as well do it with some additional storage space on your person. You can easily craft yourself a backpack by making yourself a knife and then cutting down some bushes or trees. Gather up five of the long sticks that are dropped from the bushes, and then you can craft yourself some bark rope. Once you have bark rope, take your clothes off—empty your pockets first—and then cut your clothing into rags and craft yourself a courier backpack. This will hold more items than your clothes would have alone, so it’s worth grabbing this early on to have more space in your pockets.

Careful How Much You Eat

Unlike most survival games, which might have spoiled you in just eating all of anything you find. Eating too much can be a big issue in Scum. Not only do you have to eat in the game, but you need to be careful how much you eat, as you can easily eat too much and just end up vomiting it all up. Instead, pay careful attention to your stomach and make sure you’re checking how much you need to eat before you eat all of something. This will save food in the long run and keep you from making yourself sick.

Know How Energy Works

Energy is by far one of the most confusing stats for players to get a grasp on, and early on it won’t be that huge of a deal. Unlike other survival games, you’ll still be able to run, jump and all of that even if your energy is at zero. This is because energy isn’t a straight definition in Scum. Instead of being a definite meter that you can refill just by eating, your energy is directly defined by how many calories you’re intaking and burning at the same time. Because of this, you’ll probably never really see this meter go up all that much.

These are just a few basics you’ll need to get the hang of in Scum. You can also check out our other Scum guides for more helpful information, and we’ll be sure to add any additional updates to these beginner tips as the game evolves and changes through early access.


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