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How to Get Prime Engrams in Destiny 2

by Josh Hawkins

With the release od Destiny 2: Forsaken, players now have more ways than ever to level up their Power and become stronger. One of the best ways to do this is to get your hands on Prime Engrams in Destiny 2, new Engrams that you can decrypt for more powerful gear and items. If you want to gain more powerful gear quickly, then you’ll want to learn how to get Prime Engrams in Destiny 2 as early as possible so you can start gaining access to better gear much faster.

How to Get Prime Engrams

Prime Engrams are a new Engram introduced with the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, and much like Exotic Engrams, they can be a bit tough to acquire, unless you know what you’re doing. When running around and looting, Prime Engrams will appear very similarly to Legendary Engrams with one major difference—they don’t auto-decrypt when you pick them up. This means you’ll need to visit your local Cryptarch to unlock the power contained within these engrams.

Instead of immediately decrypting, they’ll take up a slow in the gear area that the engram is for. This means you’ll lose access to an inventory slot, so keep that in mind when you’re out about and farming for them. On top of this, the engrams will always drop at a higher Power Level than the item you have equipped in that slot, which means you’ll want to run your highest Power Level gear when farming for Prime Engrams in Destiny 2.

The big stickler here, though, is that Prime Engrams only start dropping once the player reaches Level 50 and they receive their very first Prime Engram from the Cryptarch in the Tower. Once this happens, though, you can start farming for Prime Engrams. You’ll also receive the Prime Attunement buff, which will grant you a chance to get a Prime Engram from defeating powerful enemies or by completing crucible matches.

Because of the buff, it’s definitely worth playing Destiny 2 each day and completing things like Lost Sectors, Heroic Public Events, Wanted Bounties and other high-level missions until the buff vanishes, as it does increase the chance for you to receive a Prime Engram.

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