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How to Get the Owl in Far Cry Primal

by Prima Games Staff

Animal companions playimportant roles in Far Cry Primal. You’ll be able to tame these companions early on after completing the Tensay the Shaman quest. From there, you’re able to call these critters into battle to attack and distract enemies.

This guide will tell you how to tame the Owl, one of the most important animals in the game. The first thing you’ll need to do is get through the Prologue and meet Sayla, then finish up the Deep Wounds quest. This will open up the Tensay quest and the ability to get your Owl.

Sayla will request you find more Wenja for your village, and you’ll want to seek out Tensay, who is located in the northern side of the area. Open your map and you should see his icon clearly under main missions. It may take you a little while to get there depending what Fast Travel you have set up, but it’s worth the trek.

Once you arrive, there are three Udam waiting right outside the cave. You can avoid these enemies or club them to death, then make your way into the cave. Tensay is inside, and he will begin the Vision of Beasts quest, where you’ll need to fly around as you follow a spiritual owl. It’s self-explanatory, but make sure you don’t crash into anything during flight. Avoid most of the trees and other objects and you’ll be fine. It’ll be easy to catch up with the owl should you lose sight of it.

Once it’s over, you’ll be able to use your Owl during the Tensay mission. Check your map and you’ll spot another icon for the quest, then head that way after marking a waypoint. However, you’ll also be able to tame a white wolf companion, and the game will walk you through how to do that in case you need assistance with bait or other steps. This How to Tame Beasts guide explainseverything you need to know.

Once you finish talking with Tensay, you’ll see those same three Udam warriors waiting outside the cave. This is a good chance to see what your owl can do against them. Once that’s done, go ahead and complete your quest by returning to the village and you’ll see the Beast Master Skill tree open up, allowing you to learn new techniques as you tame the white wolf or whatever animals you come across.

The owl marks the beginning of your journey. Go to our Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide for more tips on how to beat the game.

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