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How to get a Mystery Gift Battle-Ready Porygon2 in Pokemon Sword and Shield

by Lucas White

If you’re looking to dip your toe into competitive-level Pokemon play, or if you’re already a seasoned trainer, you might want to check this out. The Pokemon VG finals are on soon, and everyone tuning in will get a special reward in their own games. What’s the reward, you ask? It’s a battle-ready Porygon2, all set up for you with a build that’s actively popular in the competitive Pokemon scene. It’s an asset to any team, even if you’re just playing your game casually. Here’s how the promotion is going to work.

Battle-Ready Porygon2 Gift Guide

The Pokemon VG finals are this weekend! The full name of the competition is the Pokemon Players Cup Video Game Championship. This is the official Pokemon competitive tournament in the video game world, which the Pokemon Company runs along with other competitive circuits such as the Trading Card Game. The competition is being broadcast on August 22, though August 23, 2020. On both days, the action starts at 11:00 AM PT, and you’ll need to to tune in via the official Pokemon Twitch or YouTube channels.

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As the competition airs, occasionally a special code will be displayed. This will happen at multiple intervals throughout the weekend, so don’t worry too much about missing it. Once you have the code, you’ll want to boot up your Pokemon Sword or Shield game, and head to the Mystery Gift menu from the title screen. From there just choose “Get a Mystery Gift,” then “Get With Code/Password.” Enter the code from the broadcast, watch the animation, save your game, and boom, you’re the proud owner of a seriously powerful Porygon2.

While Porygon2 is only the second step of a three-critter evolution chain, this is actually the ideal competitive use for the Porygon family. This Porygon2 comes with an eviolite attached, which boosts the defense and special defense of a Pokemon that isn’t fully evolved. It also comes with a Trick Room moveset, which consists of that, Recover, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt. It has a Sassy Nature, which lowers its speed and boosts its special defense. Trick Room allows the slowest Pokemon to always go first, which allows Porygon2 to suddenly become a tank with a rocket engine. And since it’s battle-ready, that means it will also have the best possible stats. 

Basically, this cute little digital duck-thing is an agent of destruction for anything weak to Lightning or Ice-type moves. And a lot of really strong Pokemon are weak to Ice. Once you have the code, you have until August 31, 2020 to redeem it, so this is a short window of opportunity. If you have any interest in the Pokemon metagame at all, this Porygon2 will be an excellent starting point.

Are you a competitive Pokemon player who participates in high-level online battles? Or are you a more casual player? Does this Porygon2 sound like a deal worth taking advantage of? Let us know what you think about Porygon2 over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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