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How to Get Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter: World

by Josh Hawkins

With a ton of crafting materials out there for players to find and gather up, Monster Hunter: World’s crafting system can be a treacherous one to learn and master. If you want to get your hands on rare items like Monster Fluid, then you’re going to need to know where to find it and which monsters drop Monster Fluid when killed.

How to Get Monster Fluid

Monster Fluid can be a tough material to get your hands on if you don’t know where you’re looking. There are currently only two monsters that you can kill to get your hands on this item, and they each have a small chance to drop it. These monsters are the Vespoid and the Hornetaur. The bad news, though, is that each of these monsters has a very small chance of dropping, with both monsters the drop has a 20% chance of even being acquired when you score a body carve on the monster.

On top of being able to find these monsters out in the wild, though, there are a couple of quests related to them that will grant you a small chance to earn these items when you complete the quest. Look for quests that task you with hunting Hornetaurs or Vespoids when you are browsing the Quest Board, as these will give you a small chance, usually 20-25%, of getting your hands on Monster Fluid.

Monster Fluid has quite a few uses in Monster Hunter: World and you can see a list of some of the weapons and armor that you can craft using this material if you head over to the Monster Hunter: World wiki page.

Now that you know how to find Monster Fluid, make sure you head back over to our Monster Hunter: World guide for more in-depth strategy material, like our guide on all crafting items and recipes in Monster Hunter: World, as well as our guide on how to get Sharp Claw.

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