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How to Get Infinite Lives in Super Mario 3D World

by Prima Games Staff

Super Mario 3D World debuts on Nintendo’s Wii U November 22nd, and we can’t wait to explore its many levels and most importantly, uncover its secrets.

Turns out, you can get infinite lives in World 1-2, right at the beginning of the game. Well technically, it’s 1,110 because the counter maxes out, but you can always return to World 1-2 to stock up.

Don’t worry. It’s easier than you might think.

How do I get infinite lives in Super Mario 3D World?

First, head to World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave. Head inside, jump on top of a Koopa Troopa and pick up its shell. You’ll eventually come to a part of the level with three purple blocks in the foreground. Place Mario with his back to one of those blocks and fling the turtle shell towards the opposite wall. Jump to avoid getting hit and watch as Mario continues to score free 1-ups.

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