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How to Get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield

by Nicholas Barth

A wide variety of features from the Pokemon franchise made their way into the new titles of Sword and Shield. One of these returning features is the hidden abilities group. These hidden abilities give characters equipped with them an additional ability to use with their regular ones. However, not every creature has one of these, and there is a specific way to get characters with them. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know when it comes to adding figures to your team with hidden abilities covered for you. 

How to Get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Trainers can acquire creatures who have hidden abilities through the new Max Raid Battle activity. Characters featured in these Max Raid Battles have the chance of having an ability of this nature. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that any of the creatures you catch during the Max Raid Battles will have one. This lack of a guarantee means that you will have to grind away and pray to the RNg gods that one of the characters you snag in the Max Raid Battles has one. 

Players can partake in the Max Raid Battles by heading to the Dens location in the Wild Area that emits a red beam of light. You will have had to complete the main story of the games before having access to the Max Raid Battles. 

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