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How to Get Dusty Tokens in Gravity Rush 2

by Josh Hawkins

Gravity Rush 2 has lots of things for players to do in the world, and if you partake in many of the events, you’ll earn special items called Dusty Tokens. Named after Kat’s faithful companion, Dusty, these special currency items can be earned a multitude of ways. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Dusty Tokens in Gravity Rush 2, including what they’re used for, and how to get more of them.

What are Dusty Tokens?

Dusty Tokens are a special currency item players can earn in Gravity Rush 2. Obtained by completing various events and activities, these items are useful for unlock special items like Talismans. Players can check to see how many Dusty Tokens they’ve earned at any point, by opening up the Options menu, scrolling down to System, then opening Statistics. Now, scroll all the way to the bottom where you can see the amount of Dusty Tokens you’ve received.

How to Get More Dusty Tokens

Dusty Tokens can be earned through many different avenues. Players can compete in Challenge Missions, where they must complete specific objectives in a quick amount of time. They can then upload their results to the internet, where other players will be able to face off against the player’s record. If the second player fails to beat the first player’s record, the first player will win a small number of Dusty Tokens.

Dusty Tokens are also earned by successfully helping someone solve a Treasure Hunt using a hint photo. You can learn more about Treasure Hunts with our handy guide.

Players can also take photos of their character using the game’s Photo Mode. The photos can then be uploaded to the game servers, where other players can review them. If a player’s photo receives a good rating, they will earn a small amount of Dusty Tokens.

What Can Dusty Tokens Unlock?

There are several various items that can be unlocked using Dusty Tokens. These items include things like outfits, gestures, and Talismans, as well as quite a few various photo items that can be used to set up new photographs. Here is a full list of the items that can be unlocked using Dusty Tokens, as well as how many Dusty Tokens they cost.

  • Photo Item: Upside-Down Man – 10 Dusty Tokens
  • Gesture: Salute – 100 Dusty Tokens
  • Costume: Worker – 300 Dusty Tokens
  • Talisman: Miner’s Technique – 500 Dusty Tokens
  • Photo Item: Traffic Cone – 1000 Dusty Tokens
  • Costume: School Uniform 1.0 – 2000 Dusty Tokens
  • Talisman: Fisherman’s Recipe – 3000 Dusty Tokens
  • Gesture: You There – 4000 Dusty Tokens
  • Costume: Shifter 1.0 – 5000 Dusty Tokens
  • Talisman: Unlimited Potential – 6000 Dusty Tokens

That’s everything you need to know about Dusty Tokens. If you manage to collect enough, and unlock all the items included on this list, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Gravity Rush 2. You can return to our Gravity Rush 2 guide, or take a look at some of our other articles, like how to earn more Precious Gems, or even how to merge Talismans in Gravity Rush 2.