Fire Emblem: Three Houses has swept the Nintendo Switch community with its exciting gameplay and intriguing story. There are plenty of things for players to work towards when playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Some of these things are the various classes players can choose for their character. Two of these classes are the Dark Mage and Bishop. However, players must acquire a specific item before they can be certified as a Dark Mage or Bishop. This item is the Dark Seal, and we have everything you need to know to acquire this particular Seal covered for you. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dark Seal

Players can secure this Seal and become able to certify themselves as a Dark Mage or Bishop by defeating the Death Knight. Players will encounter the Death Knight at various points in their adventure. Those who wish to become the Darker version of the Mage or Bishop will have to defeat the Death Knight to get the necessary Seal item. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dark Seal

Once you have the item in your possession following your defeat of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Death Knight, you will be able to become a certified Dark Mage or Bishop and utilize their powers.

Unfortunately, these Mage and Bishop classes are for male-only characters, which means players using the female version of Byleth will be unable to become certified as one of these classes. Fortunately, your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Seal will not go to complete waste. The reasoning for this is that each of the three main groups in the popular Nintendo Switch game has a unit who can utilize the Seal and become a Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dark Mage or Bishop.

Knowing how to obtain a Dark Seal in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will grant you the ability to take advantage of two mighty classes for use in the future. Are you looking for more help navigating the world of the high-profile Nintendo Switch title? Be sure to check out the rest of our handy guides for the popular game