Next weekend, the Call of Duty League (or CDL) will be airing its championship finals. Throughout this season of the CDL, folks in the audience have been able to get rewards in their own Modern Warfare games in exchange for tuning in. But since this weekend is the CDL Champs event, the viewership rewards are being dialed up a notch. A list of over ten rewards has been confirmed for the event, with the marquee item being a CDL Champs Knife Blueprint, which is totally free. There’s also a chance to win a DLC pack worth $14.99!

How to Get All Modern Warfare CDL Champs Rewards

First of all, you have to get your accounts all set up and linked before you watch the CDL Champs event. You either need to download the Call of Duty Companion app, or go to the Call of Duty League’s official website. On either platform you need to sign into your Activision account. Then you’ll need to make sure your gaming platform is linked, either your PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or account. From there, watch the event on either the site or the app and you’ll be set.

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Once you’re watching, you’ll passively earn rewards for Modern Warfare after certain increments of time. There are also random sweepstakes-like opportunities as well. Here’s the full list:

  • CDL Champs Knife Blueprint: unlocks after 30 minutes on Sunday
  • CDL Champs Pack: randomized code drops on Saturday and Sunday
  • Mystery drop: randomized code drops on Sunday
  • Glory Isn’t Given Emblem: unlocks after 15 minutes over the weekend
  • Glory Isn’t Given Sticker: unlocks after 30 minutes over the weekend
  • Glory Isn’t Given Spray: unlocks after 1 hour over the weekend
  • TBD Team Calling Cards: unlocks after 1.5 hours over the weekend
  • TBD Team Calling Cards: unlocks after 2 hours over the weekend
  • TBD Team Calling Cards: unlocks after 2.5 hours over the weekend
  • TBD Team Calling Cards: unlocks after 3 hours over the weekend
  • Glory Isn’t Given Calling Card: unlocks after 4 hours over the weekend

If you manage to get the CDL Champs Pack, that’s definitely a good prize. Normally it’s a $14.99 purchase, and it comes with three Legendary Blueprints, two Charms, three Calling Cards, three Emblems, three Sprays, and a whopping 55 stickers. All that for just tuning in if you’re a CDL fan anyway is hard to pass up, even if it’s only a chance.

Are you planning to watch the CDL Champs event this weekend? Are you excited to grab some of that loot, even if you don’t win the randomized prize? That golden CDL-branded knife is pretty snazzy. Let us know what you think about these rewards and the process to get them over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!