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How to Get Backpack Tokens in Spider-Man

by Josh Hawkins

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is absolutely packed with collectibles and hidden goodies, many of which you’ll need to find and acquire if you want to upgrade Spider-Man’s suit and unlock new abilities. Backpacks in Spider-Man for PS4 are just one of the many items that you’ll find scattered around Manhattan. Like other collectibles out there, knowing how to find all backpacks in Spider-Man PS4 will reward you with special Tokens, which you can trade in for upgrades and new items and gadgets. To help you out, we’ll show you how to find Backpacks easily, which will help you get Backpack Tokens to spend on upgrades in Spider-Man.

How to Get Backpack Tokens

Backpacks are actually one of the first items you’ll come across during your time in Spider-Man. Placed around the city during Parker’s younger years, each Backpack contains a special item which you can collect, as well as a Backpack Token. This not only allows you to purchase new upgrades, but you can also get a glimpse into Spider-Man’s history through several different collectible items.

In all seriousness, though, finding the various Backpacks around the city isn’t that difficult. In fact, after you activate the surveillance towers in each region, you’ll be able to pull up the map and get a good view of all the collectibles in the immediately area, as well as on the mini-map. This makes it very simple to find the Backpacks and grab them.

If you want to locate them easily without having to open up the map, simply press R3 while making your way through the city and you’ll be able to see a pillar of light rising up from the collectible’s location. This is a great way to mix exploration and collectible gathering, though it might not be the most efficient way to gather collectibles, as the pillars can vanish fairly quickly.

Like Crime Tokens or Research Tokens, Backpack Tokens are used to unlock upgrades to things like Suit Mods, Gadgets, and Gadget Upgrades. You’ll also need them to unlock some of the basic suits in the game. Make sure you take time to track down each Backpack and earn the Backpack Token that is associated with it.

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