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How to Fix Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Black Screen at Launch

by Josh Hawkins

Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available via EA’s Origin Access program, and some users have reported an issue getting the game up and running. Unfortunately, it looks like some programs might interfere with the new science fiction RPG, and that seems to be causing an issue where the game only launches with a black screen. We’ve put together a few tips to help you fix the Mass Effect: Andromeda issue below, so take a look and let us know if it helps you.

How to Fix Black Screen at Launch

Since Mass Effect: Andromeda went live on Origin Access on March 16, we’ve seen various reports of users unable to play the game due to it launching with a black screen. Unfortunately, this issue appears to be connected another piece of software on user’s computers.

The software in question is the Corsair Utility Engine, which is utilized by PC users to adjust backlighting, DPI settings, and more for their keyboards, headsets, and gaming mice. The software appears to be causing some sort of issue when launching Mass Effect: Andromeda, and users will need to uninstall it completely to get the game to launch correctly.

While most users report the issue being resolved when they remove the Corsair Utility Engine, some users have reported the black screen issue even without the engine installed. While we’re not sure what causes this issue quite yet, some users have reported success from switching their game to Windowed mode by pressing Alt + Enter.

Unfortunately, things like this can happen when new games launch, and these are the only fixes currently known for the black screen issue that has affected many users since Andromeda’s launch on Origin Access. We’ll be sure to update our article with any additional details, should they arise.

Please let us know if you encounter this issue and discover any additional ways to fix it, as we’d love to offer players as many solutions as possible.

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