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How to Fish in Far Cry 5

by Josh Hawkins

One of the best ways to just relax, take a break from combat, and make some extra cash is learning how to fish in Far Cry 5. Unlike many of the fishing mini-games out there, Far Cry 5’s fishing game takes a little bit of practice, and some knowledge to master. The good news is we’ve got everything you need to know about how to fish in Far Cry 5, so let’s dive in.

How to Fish in Far Cry 5

Fishing in Far Cry 5 is relaxing, and sometimes it’s just nice to get away from all the action of saving citizens and freeing outposts. Once you’ve have your fishing pole, head to the nearest body of water and look out for any fish jumping along the surface. If you don’t see any fish, then chances are there aren’t any around at the moment, so try coming back at a later time.

There are a lot of things to take into account when fishing in Far Cry 5. First, where are you at? Each fish has a different area that it likes to live, so you’re bound to find different kinds of fish in different areas, lakes, and rivers. It also feels like the time of day can also change how many fish are around, as well as the amount of noise that you’ve made in the area. There’s no guarantee on this, but based on the fishing that we’ve done, it feels like these things play a part in how many fish are around.

When you’re ready to fish, head to a dock, or even set up just inside of the water and pull out your fishing pole. Press R2 or Right Trigger depending on your console and you’ll cast the line into the water. From here you need to press L2 or Left Trigger to slowly reel in the line, enticing fish around it into biting down on your bait.

Once a fish bites down on your line, press R2 to lock it on the hook. When this happens, let go of R2 and then focus on reeling in the fish. You’ll reel the fish in using L2, while also using the right joystick to move the fishing pole around. Now, you won’t simply be able to reel the fish in and not worry about anything. Instead, you’ll need to face the pole in the direction opposite of the fish’s direction. This will create tension in the line, so watch it and let go of L2 if the tension starts to get too much, or you’ll break the line.

Continue reeling in, moving the line and letting go of L2 until you manage to reel the fish in. Once you’ve caught a few fish, find yourself a shop and sell them off to earn some easy cash. You’ll need to look into picking up different types of bait as well, if you hope to catch all of the fish in Far Cry 5. We’re still learning about bait, but we’ll update this guide with more data when we have it.

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