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How to Find Your Home in Microsoft Flight Simulator

by Lucas White

Microsoft Flight Simulator has proved to be quite popular, with positive reviews and the cool technology powering the game driving interest beyond the genre diehards. One particularly cool aspect of the game is its realistic mapping data, letting you fly more or less anywhere you want. This feature can be used for good or evil, order or chaos, as evidenced by the number of “Epstein Island” searches in Google related to Microsoft Flight Simulator. A much more wholesome adventure, aside from the obvious landmarks, is to look for your own living space.

Flying to Your House in Microsoft Flight Simulator

It isn’t easy to find your home in Microsoft Flight Simulator, although it’s absolutely feasible. It just takes some extra effort to make it happen compared to things like attractions or landmarks. There are two major ways to find your home, or really any more specific, non-obvious location inside of Microsoft Flight Simulator. You’ll need a map tool, either Google Maps or the more Microsoft-friendly Bing Maps, which  is what the game uses to build its own Visual Flight Rules map.

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First, find your house in your map tool. Easy enough to do, just type your address in. Then you’ll want to drill down on your address and check out your coordinates as accurately as you can. To do this, you’ll want to drill down as close as you can to your location in either service, then right-click your spot. Bing Maps will show you the coordinates in the menu, while through Google you’ll need to choose “What’s Here?” first. Then, in Free Flight mode in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can input those coordinates and set them as an arrival or departure point. 

The best way to make sure you can actually find your home is to set those coordinates as your destination, then select your closest airport as your departure point. Then, you’ll be able to scope out your house/apartment/etc instead of starting on top of it. From there you’ll probably want to keep your outside map handy as a reference tool, as the VFR inside Microsoft Flight Simulator is far less detailed.

Have you been using Microsoft Flight Simulator to find various landmarks around the world, or have you used it more locally to see how detailed your neighborhood is in the game? Let us know how you’re liking the game so far over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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