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How to Solve the Museum Statue Puzzle in Spider-Man

by Josh Hawkins

As you play through Spider-Man on PlayStation 4, you’re going to find yourself playing as Mary Jane Watson through some of the missions. Most of these will require you to take photographs, sneak around and even solve some puzzles. The first puzzle you’ll need to solve is in the mission Don’t Touch the Art. While playing as Mary Jane, you’ll need to solve the statue puzzle, which will allow you to find a hidden file. Here’s the solution.

How to Solve the Statue Puzzle

After Mary Jane gains access to the back room with the statue, take a look at it, then head over to the desk. Look at the picture above the computer to notice that something is off in the picture—the statue itself looks a bit different.

Now, turn around and look at the table directly behind the computer. There is a pamphlet here with a picture of the statue. Notice that it is in a different pose than it currently sits. Also take a moment to inspect the book entry to the right. This will mention several moving parts on the statue—the arms, the head and the mouth.

Once you have looked at the pamphlet, head back over to the statue and begin moving the parts into the position that you saw in the brochure. You’ll need to lift the right arm, lift the palm outwards, then lower the left arm. Once this is done, move the head to the left and close the mouth. This will cause the mouth to open.

Now you need to find the golden object that the statue is holding in the picture. Head to the table between the two desks and grab the golden staff on the far right.

Insert the golden staff into the statues hand and a cutscene will trigger and a secret compartment in the bottom of the statue will pop open, revealing the file that Mary Jane is looking for. Now that you’ve solved the puzzle, head back over to our Spider-Man guide for more useful information and guides, like our guide on how to get more Crime Tokens, as well as our guide on how to get more Research Tokens.