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How to Find Dye in The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

It’s important to look your best while reclaiming the streets of The Division 2, and that means ensuring your color balance is correct. Dyes are the perfect tool for adjusting the color of your backpack and other gear, but you’ll need to track them down before you can make use of them. This guide will teach you how to find Dye in The Division 2.

Dyes for your gear are a little different to weapon skins, and you won’t simply be able to grab them by completing the campaign. You can earn Dyes through random drops, but there are a few methods that we’ve found produce the best results.

You’ll earn dyes by completing some missions and activities, but by far the best way to start collecting them is spotting orange containers while out and about on the streets of D.C. You can find these cuboid containers hanging from parachutes stuck in trees, buildings and all other kinds of things that parachutes might get stuck on. Put simply, make sure to look up while exploring. 

Shoot these containers and they’ll pop up, dropping everything inside to the floor below. You can now grab everything inside, including your brand new dye. We’re not sure why whoever was dropping these care packages thought it was necessary to include bottles of dye in them, but we can’t really complain when we get to use them! We’ve marked a common location for one of the containers on the map below, so to know what they look like then visit this spot!

Once you’ve found some colors that you like, you can apply them to your gear to get your fashion groove going. Just because the city is a mess doesn’t mean you need to look like one too. Don’t forget that you’ll also get dyes for a range of other activities, but none of them guarantee them as drops as regularly as these containers. Keep an eye out for them while you complete other tasks and you’ll build up a nice supply of dyes.

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