How to Find the Demon Destruction Match Three Game in Doom

Search through Lazarus Labs to track down Demon Destruction.

Bethesda’s Doom remake is well known for its visceral action and over-the-top gore, but did you know it also contains a little match-three fun? Yep, if you look in the right place in Lazarus Labs, you’ll be able to match up demons together and shoot for a high score!

Here’s how to unlock the Demon Destruction mini-game in the new Doom! Also, be sure to check out our additional tips for Doom, including these helpful pointers for Doom’s multiplayer and the best new weapons in Doom.

Find the Lazarus Labs Terminal in Doom

First, you’ll come across a room with two funky looking vase-like stands on either side. You’ll want to go to the adjacent room right between those two, where you’ll basically end up in the main part of the lab.

From there, simply go past the circular desk into the back room, which will have a table with some holograms. Ignore this, and simply make a left. You’ll go past this orange cylinder with some creature inside, and find an empty computer terminal.

Get in close to the terminal and then click the right stick. Once this is done, Doom’s Demon Destruction game will kick in, with a classic match-three set-up similar to that of games like Candy Crush Saga. You can play as long as you can build up a score, but keep in mind you only have so many moves in your arsenal. Fortunately, you can deselect by hitting the circle or B button (depending on your version).

It’s a neat little Easter egg in a game filled with demons that want to kill you – so kick back and enjoy this unlikely match-three surprise in Doom! Be sure to take in the classic Doom music and visuals as well. Definitely a throwback for fans!

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