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How to Find Batman in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

by Prima Games Staff

WB Games’ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor plays similar to the publisher’s Batman games, so it only makes sense for The Dark Knight to appear in this Tolkien-inspired romp. While you can’t play as The Caped Crusader or team up with the superhero to battle Uruks, it appears developer Monolith Productions left a fun Easter egg for players to find.

As you complete Hunting Challenges in the game, you’ll stumble upon those ugly Morgul Bats that will eventually get added to the game’s Lore. This is where you’ll find the Batman reference.

The corrupted and bloated Bats of the Mountains of Shadow have held vigil in Mordor since the Dark Lord’s defeat.

These bats leave their caves at night to suck the fluid putrescence from the corpses littering Mordor. Rotten flesh sticks in their teeth, decaying and creating a lethal toxin which is prized by the Uruks. The bravest of them journey into caves to harvest the poisons and coat their weapons.

Those Uruks that get poisoned become horribly diseased and bloated, wearing their deformities as marks of honor. The poison slowly eats at their minds, sending them nightmares of a demonic man-bat who preys on fear.

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