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How to Emote in Borderlands 3

by Nicholas Barth

Borderlands 3 is now officially available for everyone to jump into and experience all of its exciting action and entertaining story. There are a variety of gameplay options players can take advantage of to experience plenty of fun in Borderlands 3. Emotes are some of these gameplay options, and they allow players to express a wide range of emotions with their characters or bust out some groovy dance moves. There are plenty of emote options to choose from in Borderlands 3, and we have everything you need to know about the new title’s emotes covered for you. 

How to Emote in Borderlands 3

How to Emote in Borderlands 3

Putting an emote into action is not a complicated process at all for PC and console players. PC players can use an emote with the arrow keys on their keyboard. Console players can bust out an emote with the directional pad on their controller by pressing down and then holding down the start/options button. Doing this will bring up the quick select menu where all of your emotes will be available. 

Players can find new emotes to use in their adventures throughout the world like any other piece of loot or by heading to the Black Market Dealer who is located in the cargo hold of your ship and purchasing new Borderlands 3 emotes there. 

The universe of Borderlands 3 offers players plenty of exciting ways to have some fun. Emotes are a fan-favorite and will no doubt lead to plenty of hilarious moments for players throughout their playing sessions of the looter-shooter game. 

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