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How to Earn More Crowns in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

by Prima Games Staff

This article will help you maximize the amount of Crowns you earn in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We’ll look at effective but true to the experience ways to get rich, as well as a few sneaky ways to get more money in the game. Either way, you’ll have no trouble stuffing Geralt’s pockets with cash. 

Of course, there is more to The Witcher 3 than lining your pockets, which is why we highly suggest you visit Prima’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough. You’ll find of all our content, including tips to survive while exploring the Northern Realms.

Complete Your Contracts

While speaking with characters who populate the towns and villages, reports will come in of monsters harassing people. You might even find these contracts posted to some of the Notice Boards you come across, which we advise that you pick up, even if you don’t intend to finish them any time soon. 

The first few contracts may not seem worth the trouble for the low payout, but as you continue into Velen, you’ll start to see some that offer about 250 Crowns each. Most of these will be in the level 10 range, so you’ll want to ensure that Geralt’s rank is equally competitive. We’re talking about contracts such as Jenny ‘o The Woods, Shrieker, Woodland Beast, The Merry Widow and Swamp Thing. All of these should pay you a decent amount of Crowns, and each of them can be done in about 10 minutes. If you still need some help, read our guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Contracts.

Explore the Northern Realms

As legitimate as completing contracts is, there is something natural about simply exploring the land and spending some time with the random events that pop up along the way. This is where the question marks on your map come into play, as they always indicate an item of interest, and in one way or another you will always find a way to put some Crowns in your pocket. 

We spent about two hours the other night wandering from one point of interest to the next, killing bandits, slaying monsters and being a cool person who wants to help people. There were always chests to loot, swords and armor to pick up and lots of items to sell to the merchants we encountered. Not only was it fun, we also earned roughly 2,000 Crowns (plus a huge amount of diagrams) in the process. For the player who wants to experience the game the way it was intended, this is the way to go.

Still looking for more to do while riding around on your trusty horse, Roach? Gwent is a fun card game, and almost every vendor you come across wants to play. It’s also a good way to earn a few more Crowns, which is the reason you landed here in the first place. If you’re struggling, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gwent Tips will help you master it, and we even have the most powerful cards in the game.

How to Earn Infinite Crowns

If you prefer to get rich quick, these two methods will interest you most.

First head to White Orchard, and as you cross the bridge you’ll notice two cows in a pen on your left. Go over and slaughter them with your sword, then loot the bodies to find a variety of items, including cow milk, raw meat and the precious cow hide. It’s the cow hide you want the most, although you won’t get it with each cow you slaughter. However, when you do get two pieces of cow hide, go across the road to the merchant and sell these to him for 27 Crowns each. 

The problem is, the cows are dead and you only have 54 Crowns. This is when you’ll want to meditate for a couple of hours, and when you return you’ll see two more cows. Kill them, loot the corpses and if you find some cow hide, sell it for 54 additional Crowns. It’s a tedious method, but it will give your coin pouch a bit of weight in the early hours of the game. It’s also likely to survive a patch, which is not a statement we’re comfortable making regarding our next method.

For the second way to get lots of Crowns, travel to Novigrad, and if you’re looking at your map, aim for a town square. You’ll find a merchant standing in front of some sausages, and this guy sells sea shells. Buy as many he has, then end the conversation and load it back up. He’ll have more, and you’ll want to buy those as well. Buy them until you have used up most of your Crowns, but not all. You’ll need a few for the next step. 

Next, make your way to the armorer who sits just past the burnt bodies behind where you originally were. Once you get there, have him dismantle all of your sea shells, turning them into pearls. You can even sell him whatever pearls he can afford before heading to the next step.

A few streets to the east you will come across two merchants who are close together. You want the one who is the furthest to the east, stepping inside his shop and speaking to him. Buy all the Florens he has in stock, then sell him as many pearls as he can afford. When he’s broke, exit the conversation and go back to it. He’ll have more Florens and Crowns, so buy the Florens and sell him more sea shells. You want to continue to do this until you have no more to sell, then it’s on to the final step. 

Make your way back to the square where we started this process and locate the bank. Approach and have the man convert your Florens into Crowns, and you’re done. Well, you’re done this round, unless you are satisfied with your current value. If you want to earn even more money, repeat the process again until you’re as rich as you want to be.

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