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How Do You Reach Tier 5 in Mario Kart Tour: Tier Leveling Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re cracking into Mario Kart Tour and you’re finding yourself breezing through the challenges, then you probably have your eyes set on the grand prize i.e. hitting Tier 5. Whether or not you’re a rank beginner or someone with ambitions beyond taking care of pesky pipes on a circuit, this guide should help. How do you reach Tier 5 in Mario Kart Tour? We’ve got the answers and the method.

How Do You Reach Tier 5 in Mario Kart Tour: Tier Leveling Guide

Mario Kart Tour, like any game worth its salt nowadays on the market, has a competitive mode. A ladder, if you will. For those who want to cut their teeth on the ladder, then you don’t have to look any further than pushing through Ranked mode. This only unlocks after you’ve played a certain amount of the regular mode, so we would use that as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with how everything works in Mario Kart Tour. 

If you’re wondering about how to reach Tier 5, though, then it’s mechanically pretty simple: you just have to play a whole ton of Ranked. If you do well in ranked, you gain an increase in your Ranked Tier, which is really the metric that you’re concerned with here. In order to increase your Ranked Tier, you have to do well in the actual Ranked mode, which means making a decent effort to place and to win. You’ll have your performance in this mode assessed at the end of every season (each season lasts about one week), so you have approximately 7 days to get the best results that you can by grinding out various races, playing the cups, and correspondingly increasing your Ranked points in general.

What’s important is your individual performance in the races and in the cups. This will also be instrumental when it comes to the rewards that you’re going to earn from the game. We’ve found that if you’re coming first, then you’ll get 20 rubies and each place after that earns 5 less. If you’re placing anywhere between 6 to 10, then you’re only to get 300 coins, and that’s the lowest that you’ll go in terms of being eligible for rewards. 

No need to wonder how to reach Tier 5 in Mario Kart Tour anymore; our tips and tricks about how the Ranked tier system works should get you some way to figuring out what you need to do week to week to improve your standings.

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