How To Defeat Ophion in Returnal

The best way to defeat Ophion in Returnal.

Finally, after hours of brutal combat and a more than puzzling narrative, you have reached the end of Returnal. Unfortunately there’s one more hurdle and, for some, this may be the hardest hurdle there is. Luckily, if you learn their attacks and prep right, you can take this on too. 

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Before starting, try to grab a gun that is reasonably high leveled and remember you have to aim for the glowing bits. Unlike the other bosses, Ophion requires you to hit specific spots on their body. This may make combat a little more challenging but can be overcome with a little patiences.

If you have the item that reduces your dodge or jump capabilities, try to get rid of it, you will need them. Here’s how to win this fight. 

How To Defeat Ophion In Returnal

Phase One 

The very first thing you want to do when you get into this fight is hit the blue orb next to them. This will reveal the weak spots and set you up for the fight. You essentially want to make sure you’re regularly hitting these to keep the boss at your own tempo. 

Ophion will continue to fire green orbs throughout this fight but they are easily avoidable and their weakest attack. Periodically their tendrils will slam down, creating a purple wall that you have to jump over. Instead of watching for the tendrils, just stay vigilant for the purple wall.

The arena is dark and you shouldn’t waste your time looking at the tendrils to the side. Most of their attacks are easy to get through in the first phase but make sure to watch out for their orange attacks.

Tonnes of orange orbs will spawn and fire at you. Just take a step back and move in between the gaps as they’re fairly slow. The key to this phase is staying alert and taking it slow. No fast attacks or sharp differences really occur here. 

Phase Two 

Phase Two is much of the same but with a few physical obstructions and an increase in the tempo. They will sit forward now and occasionally block off areas with their hands. The key to this is taking them on at a distance. 

Their purple attacks are particularly deadly and the thing to watch out for. Watch out for those and Ophions hands as they will slam their fists down, taking some of your health with them if you’re unlikely.

Try to get some distance but make yourself malleable and try not to jump too much, you will need it to get out of a bind. 

Phase Three

This phase is much quicker and more erratic. If you haven’t already, you want to always stay on the move here. Don’t worry too much about your accuracy, keep an eye on obstacles and take your time. 

You will see waves of purple attack to jump over, homing attacks to strafe around and an orange filled bullet hell to contend with. Take this phase from a distance and stay consistently on the move.

Remember dash has a short cool down so only use it when you need to. Keep on the pressure and you can eventually take them down. Now you’ve finally done it, congratulations. 

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