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How to Defeat Mutated Lady Dimitrescu

by Prima Games Staff

Resident Evil Village starts off with lycans, bug-covered witch vampires, and zombie-like Moroaica (oh my). A lot of the early sections at Castle Dimitrescu involve you running (and giggling) to avoid Lady Dimitrescu but you’ll arrive almost too quickly at the final confrontation against a very mutated Lady Dimitrescu atop her castle. 

How to Defeat Mutated Lady Dimitrescu

We eventually learn Lady Dimitrescu has a thirst for life that must be satisfied and fed, or she turns into a mutated monster capable of flying and attacking with giant teeth. She basically looks like a giant tentacled zombie dragon, which is pretty spot on for a boss in the Resident Evil series. 

The battle has two distinct phases and you can get through this battle without too much difficulty as long as you keep an eye on Lady Dimitrescu, Ethan’s health, and reload regularly when it’s safe to do so. 

The first part of the battle will have Lady D quickly crawling toward you while trying to swipe and slash at you. 

When the more human-looking part protruding from her back is visible (and you’re a few feet back) fire a few shotgun shells into her before running and putting some space between Lady D and Ethan. 

You obviously want to pump as many shotgun blasts into her as possible but it’s important to keep your health up as well.

A common mistake in Resident Evil boss battles is draining your health and ammo to kill the immediate and scary threat, which isn’t too bad short term but it’ll hurt you in the long run if you’re limping away from every boss battle with low ammo and health.

When she starts to move again, just run around the tower circle until it’s time to pop off a few more shots. I was typically able to get two to three shots in before needing to run away again.

There were some instances where I didn’t have enough time to escape a slash attack after firing off three shots so if you want to play it safe, stick with two blasts before reloading and running. This will help keep your health up and your weapons reloaded and ready to go. 

If you ever need to buy some time to heal or reload, toss a mine or two behind you while running to hit her for extra damage and give you a brief pause to prepare for the next attack pattern. 

When she takes to the skies, pull out your rifle and fire a few slow shots at her. It’s important to conserve ammo and focus more on making sure your shots connect. After you damage her some, she will come back to the ground. Resume the run, dodge, and shotgun attack pattern on her. 

Don’t forget about temporary cover and resources in the little tower areas at each corner of the arena. If you play carefully then you might not need it but it’s good to catch your breath for a few seconds and reload when she starts to fly away. 

In the second part, you’ll mostly just be using the shotgun. I also recommend tossing some explosives at her, especially if you need to buy a few seconds to reload your shotgun. It won’t take long to defeat her as this part of the battle is shorter, especially with a couple explosives thrown into the mix.

Don’t rush it though and make sure to put effort into keeping your distance and reducing the damage you take. It’s much better to have the battle last a little longer if it means you walk away with more ammo and health. You don’t want to end up in a tight spot later due to impatience in this or other boss battles. 

The battle looks pretty intimidating when it begins but with Ethan’s resilience and our recommended strategy, you should be able to take down the vampire zombie mommy dragon without too much difficulty.

After the battle, you’ll get a Crystal Dimitrescu that the merchant will buy at a high price, which will help you restock your inventory if it took a beating during the battle. If you don’t need any ammo or health, then you can always use the money toward upgrading weapons and/or storage space.

You’ll also be left wondering why Capcom’s magic marketing magnet wasn’t in more of the game. It’s a super fun section but it really felt like Lady D and her bug daughters should have been around as long as Ramon Salazar’s castle in Resident Evil 4. 

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