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How to Crouch Jump in PUBG

by Josh Hawkins

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as the community knows it, has long been a popular game on both Steam and Twitch. Having skyrocketed to popularity, players have spent the past several months sorting out the best ways to strategize and stay ahead of their opponents at all times. One particular method that we’ve seen on the rise is the crouch jump, which allows the user to jump and crouch at the same time, giving them the leverage that they need to slip through windows, or over walls that would normally be a bit too high to bypass. In this article we’ll go over how to crouch jump in PUBG, as well as talk about some of the instances where crouch jumping could be the different between life and death in the game.

UPDATE: At this point in time the developer has removed the ability to crouch jump.

How to Crouch Jump

Crouch jumping has been a mechanic in several games over the years, and it can prove exceptionally powerful when used to make new ways for the player to get around obstacles. You can use this mechanic for several things, but before you can really start utilizing it, you’re going to need to get the combination into your muscle memory.

See, in order to crouch jump in PUBG, you’re going to need to be able to press the C and Space keys at the same time, while moving forward. This will cause your player character to do a weird little jump crouch, which can cause you to vault over obstacles that are normally too high to jump over, as well as allow you to jump through small areas like windows, which can give you more ways to escape buildings when you’ve been locked in by enemy players.

Getting the crouch jump down isn’t easy, though, and it’s going to take patience, timing, and practice to really learn how to do it and make the most of it. However, if you can get it down, and can learn how to do it on the fly, it can open up entire new avenues of movement for your character.

Ways to Use the Crouch Jump

One of the best ways you can use the crouch jump is to escape buildings where enemies believe they have locked you in. When this happens, and you don’t think the stairs are a safe way down, you can use your fists to knock out the window, and then approach it. While moving forward, be sure to press the C and Space keys at the exact same time, which should allow you to jump and crouch in the same movement, getting you through the small area that the window once protected. This allows you to drop out of buildings and to the ground, so you can come up behind your enemies very easily.

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