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How to Create the Best Titan in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

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One of the best things about the Newsweek Destiny guide are the weapon loadouts from Bungie. You’re capable of creating the ultimate Guardian on your own, but it’s cool to see which guns the developers bring into battle. On that note, here are their suggestions for the Titan class. 

Leif Johanssen – Multiplayer Designer (Exo Male) 

Primary Weapon: Red Death Pulse Rifle 

Special Weapon: Ice Breaker

Heavy Weapon: Thunderlord 

Combat Specialty: Throwing Knife 

Coolie Calihan – Artist (Awoken Female) 

Primary Weapon: Pulse Rifle

Special Weapon: Fusion Rifle

Heavy Weapon: Heavy Machine Gun

Combat Specialty: Ward of Dawn 

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John Stvan – Companion Designer (Awoken Male)

Primary Weapon: Auto Rifle 

Special Weapon: Fusion Rifle 

Heavy Weapon: Heavy Machine Gun 

Combat Specialty: Bullet Sponge

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