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How Crafting Works in Overkill’s The Walking Dead

by Josh Hawkins

Crafting in Overkill’s The Walking Dead  is an important part of the game. Learning more about crafting in The Walking Dead game will ensure that you’re ready for whatever hazards might cross your path as you explore the walker infested streets of Washington D.C. in search of supplies and other useful items. This article will outline the basics of the crafting system in Overkill’s The Walking Dead game, as well as go over how to craft new items in the game.

How the Crafting System Works

Crafting is very basic in Overkill’s The Walking Dead. The main items that you’ll be crafting in The Walking Dead are lockpicks, bandages and smoke grenades. While there are some other items you can craft, these are the main items you’ll need to worry about while exploring different missions in the world.

You can bring up the crafting menu at any time during a mission by pressing and holding TAB. Once you have the crafting menu up, press the corresponding button to craft yourself a Bandage, Smoke Grenade, or Lockpick. You can also see the various items that you’ll need to craft those particular things, as well as how close you are to being able to craft those items.

Aside from this, crafting in Overkill’s The Walking Dead is very simple. You’ll find the various items that you need strewn about the game world. Make sure you scavenge around and check out different cabinets and drawers and things to find the items that you need.

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