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How to Craft in Apex Legends

by Lucas White

Apex Legends, the battle royale sensation from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, has just entered its sixth Season. Along with the requisite new playable character Rampart, Respawn has also introduced a brand new crafting system to Apex Legends. This system is designed to shake up the metagame a bit, and to allow for more styles of play. But considering this is a totally new system, you may be wondering how it works. So, here’s exactly that thing.

Apex Legends Crafting Guide

So, the thought process behind this new Apex Legends crafting system is that the game currently is all about aggression, as picking up loot on the ground is the only way to get stronger during a match. But a battle royale game ideally supports other play styles beyond running into fights and hoping for lucky loot. Crafting is meant to encourage more strategic, defensive play in addition to the normal stuff.

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To that end, players will be able to find Materials in addition to the regular loot they’re used to in Apex Legends. Materials spots will be dispersed around the map, with configurations that will change between matches. Materials can also be found when you pick up loot. These Materials can then be taken to Replicators, such as the one you see pictured up top. Replicators allow you to create tools and weapons without needing to luck upon them on the map, but this does come with limitations. Many of the items rotate on a weekly or daily basis, giving players specific options they can check on the map or game mode screen in order to prepare. There are also static items, such as ammo and med kits.

Another static option in Replicators lets you upgrade your armor. If you remove your armor and place it inside the Replicator you’ll be leaving yourself extra open for a moment, but you can pump Materials in to make it easier to upgrade. If you can reduce the Evo Point requirements enough, the Replicator will even do the upgrade for you. So these machines aren’t just about giving you weapons and ammo without having to fight for them. You have options.

Another intriguing angle here is that Replicators will start to be air-dropped down onto the map as the match progresses, giving players more locations to spend their Materials. Another intended effect from this system is encouraging players to explore the map more, so the moving variables are meant to push that. Also, any rotating items available in the Replicator won’t spawn on the map otherwise, so that’s another distinct strategical impact afforded by crafting.

This is a pretty dramatic change to Apex Legends, but hopefully one that will benefit the game in the long run. What do you think, readers? Is the crafting system a welcome change for Apex Legends, or is it something you feel will upset the balance? Let us know what you’re thinking over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!