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How to Complete the Don a Disguise Quick Challenge in Fortnite

by Morgan Shaver

In Fortnite, there’s a new quick challenge for players to complete called “Don a Disguise” which tasks you with switching into a disguise while playing a match.

If you’ve yet to complete a challenge like this and are uncertain about the process, we’ve put together a quick guide walking you through what you need to do to “Don a Disguise” in Fortnite.

Update 3/20/21: There’s a new way to disguise yourself in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 called Activate Prop Disguise.

How to Complete the Don a Disguise Quick Challenge in Fortnite

If you’re looking to earn XP in Fortnite in order to unlock Battle Pass rewards, a great way is via quick challenges including the new “Don a Disguise” challenge.

By completing this quick challenge, you can earn 10,000 XP which is a lot for the amount of work you need to put in.

To complete the “Don a Disguise” quick challenge, you’ll need to jump into a Fortnite match and head for Doom’s Domain. Here, you’ll find a number of telephone boxes that you can enter.

In total, there are three telephone boxes in the Doom’s Domain area, the easiest one to find is right in front of the statue in the center courtyard.

Note that there are henchmen in the area that will shoot at you, so be sure to be stealthy in order to avoid having to fend off enemies while you make your way to the nearest telephone box.

When you find a telephone box, enter and then press E on PC, X on Xbox One, Y on Nintendo Switch, or Square on PS4 to switch into a disguise.

When you step out of the telephone box, you should be wearing your new disguise and will see a message pop up marking the completion of the “Don a Disguise” quick challenge in Fortnite.

Again, when you complete this quick challenge you’ll earn a cool 10,000 XP for your trouble.

If you’re wondering why earning XP is something to keep an eye on, it’s because there are secret foil skins you can unlock by leveling up past the Battle Pass benchmark of Level 100.

To get all of the foil skins you’ll need to hit Level 220 before Season 4 comes to an end.

A great way to give yourself an added boost is by completing quick challenges like the “Don a Disguise” challenge in Fortnite.

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