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How to Complete the Destiny 2 Void Feast Bounty

by Thomas Wilde

The Void Feast Bounty in Destiny 2 has been frustrating players for a few days now, ever since the Guardian Games started on April 21st. From the Bounty’s description, it looks like you’re supposed to be getting kills with a Voidwalker Warlock’s Devour ability, but instead, you’re meant to be using your charged melee attack.

Let’s talk about how you’re actually meant to be Void-Feasting during the Guardian Games, so you can put this Triumph in the books during D2’s latest seasonal event.

How to Complete the Destiny 2 Void Feast Bounty

The Guardian Games in Destiny 2 began on April 21st. Every day, players can get together in the name of friendly competition, accomplishing quests and tasks to prove their favorite class’s superiority. Individual rewards for victory include a brand-new exotic heavy machine gun, the Heir Apparent, and the winning class will receive a gold class item for the rest of the year. The second- and third-place contenders will have to settle for silver and bronze items, naturally.

If you’re trying to earn medals as a Warlock, however, the Void Feast Bounty has been tripping a lot of players up this week. In-game, it says that you’re supposed to get a kill streak of 10 or more with Devour, as a Voidwalker Warlock using Attunement of Hunger.

That seems straightforward enough at a glance, but it seems to indicate that you need to be getting kills after activating Devour, which hasn’t been working. Instead, you’re supposed to be getting kills with the Voidwalker’s charged melee attack. If you can get 10 kills with it in a row without dying, you’ll earn the Bounty and its rewards.

Even once you know what to do, though, this can be a frustrating challenge. If nothing else, you’ll end up killing a lot of time while you’re waiting for your melee attack to come off of cooldown.

You can help to hedge this particular bet with the right equipment, if you’re lucky enough to have two pieces in particular. The Claws of Ahamkara exotic gauntlets give you an extra charge for your melee attack, so you can score kills that much faster, and you can equip the Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle with the Monte Carlo Method perk to charge your melee ability back up with every additional kill.

Even if you’ve got both items, though, this is likely to turn into a grind. If you’re looking to complete all of the Guardian Games Triumphs during this seasonal event, you’ve got until May 18th to finish this Bounty off.

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