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How Combat Points Work in Pokemon Go

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re just getting started with the mobile game Pokemon Go, you’ll want to take the time to understand the Combat Point system. There are Combat Points assigned with each Pokémon character – including the ones you capture and evolve – so having a better idea of how CP works is important.

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You’ll see the Pokemon’s CP score above their character when you first encounter it in the wild. It will be something like CP104, and the number varies. This gauges the creature’s overall strength, with a base Combat Level and different maximum values, depending on the type of Pokemon it is, as well as your trainer level. The higher that gets, the more challenging characters you’ll come across in Pokemon Go.

The more CP a character has compared to an opponent in the game, the more damage they’ll eventually end up doing, so keep that in mind the next time you go to a Gym in Pokemon Go. Some of these Pokemon are tough to beat!

Combat Points aren’t set in stone, however. Your creature can earn more points and eventually evolve, using a special type of item called Stardust. Between this and Pokemon Candy, you can eventually level up your Pokemon to make it stronger.

You’ll get a good understanding of how Combat Points work the first time you pick up a Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It’s a relatively simple system, and one that will help you evolve characters to reach their maximum potential in no time. Good luck!

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