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How to Check Server Status for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

by Lucas White

It seems like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is faring far better than anyone ever expected, and that includes the people involved with developing and publishing the game! Fall Guys is a huge hit, topping charts and dominating social media feeds across the gaming community. That kind of popularity comes with a price, however. Fall Guys’ servers have had a hard time keeping up with demand, and the developers have had to take them down for maintenance multiple times since launch. 

How to Check the Fall Guys Server Status

Just by booting up Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you won’t be able to know whether or not the servers are active until you try to actually play the game. But it might be more convenient for prospective players to check the server status ahead of time, so they can decide to not waste their time and play something else for a while instead. Luckily, a tool exists that serves exactly that purpose.

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This is where the Server Owl comes in! Not content with just a straightforward support account, the Fall Guys team at Mediatronic are instead running a separate Twitter account as an owl character that hoots as often as it provides server updates. While the official regular Fall Guys Twitter feed is @FallGuysGame, you can find a separate feed dedicated to server updates on @FallGuysOwl. The account states that it won’t respond to mentions or direct messages, but it seems like more than a bot as the account provides status updates during outages.

Fall Guys is a wacky game, so it’s only natural that the Fall Guys support team is just as wacky. It’s always a shame when games get brought down due to server load, but it seems like the Server Owl character is helping the player base see the fun in the situation and at the very least appreciate the bit. 

Are you patiently waiting and monitoring the Server Owl feed whenever Fall Guys goes down for maintenance? Or are you just waiting for a bit more stability before trying to dive back in for those season rewards? Let us know what you think about the hooting Server Owl over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!