How to Change Your Final Fantasy XIV Title Screen

Version 5.3 introduced a neat, new cosmetic option!

As we approach the halfway point of August 2020, we’re also approaching the end of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Update 5.3 is out and live after a full day of maintenance, and with it came the conclusion of the story so far. But the update also brought several updates and changes to the game as a whole, including a small change that’s inconsequential but cool at the same time. Now, rather than being locked in to the current Shadowbringers title screen and music, you can change it to any of the game’s previous iterations.

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How to Change the Title Screen in Final Fantasy XIV

This new, little addition is pretty straightforward. Once you install the 5.3 update on your PS4 or PC version of Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll log in as usual. Once you get to the title screen, you’ll see a brand new high level menu option, in-between the familiar Data Center and Configuration choices. This new option is called Movies & Title, and choosing it brings up a new menu of options. This option was just “Movies” before. Those choices are as follows:

  • Opening Movie
  • A Realm Reborn Demo And Title
  • Heavensward Demo And Title
  • Stormblood Demo And Title
  • Shadowbringers Demo And Title

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If you choose Opening Movie, you’ll get to rewatch the scene that plays when you actually start a new game, an option that has always been present. If you choose one of the expansion-themed choices, you’ll be treated to the opening movie (or Demo) of that expansion. Once it’s over or you skip it, you’ll be taken to that expansion’s title screen, with the appropriate music and everything.

This is a small feature addition, but one that’s really cool especially in light of Final Fantasy XIV’s recent resurgence in popularity. New players, or people who jumped in for Shadowbringers, can now go back and see what each expansion’s title screen looked and sounded like. And for legacy players, it’s a nice chance to revisit their favorite.

Do you feel as strongly about the new title screen change feature in Final Fantasy XIV as the game’s subreddit community does? Did you have a title screen option you immediately swapped to, or was it simply a good opportunity to watch all the old demo videos to relive the good old days? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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