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How to Change Appearance in The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve all been there, wrapping up our character creation only to find what we thought was an awesome avatar turns out to be a hideous mess in the game itself. Fortunately, unlike the original game, The Division 2 does let you change parts of your appearance if you’re not happy. Everything from your hair to the face paint and tattoos you regret equipping can be altered if you know how. In this guide, we’ll take you through how to change appearance in The Division 2.

The bad news, we’re afraid, is that you’ll only unlock the option to change your appearance once you’ve progressed through a good chunk of the story. Look away now if you don’t want and mild spoilers for characters or the story. To change appearance you’ll need to have unlocked the Campus settlement and be level 15. Speak to Henry now and we’ll open up some new missions for you, and it’s one of these that you’ll need to complete. 

Take on and beat the Bank Headquarters mission and you’ll have brought Joshua Summers back to the camp. He’ll act as the camp’s barber, but through the power of game magic, he’s not just limited to your hair and beard, also letting you change up your tattoos and other visual traits. Tweaking any of these will costs you a chunk of money, so you’ll need to start saving up if you want to change a lot.

Unfortunately, The Division 2 doesn’t include any option to fully reset your appearance, so if you’re really unhappy with your looks then you’ll need to create a brand new agent. This can be done on the main menu by selecting New Agent. Hopefully you’ll have realized quite early in the story if you really didn’t like your agent’s appearance, but if you have progressed through a large amount you can always finish with that character then swap to another for your online activities.

Those are all the options available if you want to change appearance in The Division 2, but looks are about more than just good hair and tattoos. To make sure you’re dressed properly too, read our guide on how to unlock and change clothes in The Division 2.


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