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How to Catch Every Bugsnax in Sizzlin’ Sands

by Jesse Vitelli

Ok, so we’re almost done. If you’ve made it this far congrats! You’ve almost collected every Bugsnax in the game. The Sizzlin’ Sands is one of the harder sections to 100%, but it has a few tricks to help make it a bit easier. Let’s talk. 

Sizzlin Sands


The Tacroach is part of the Preying Picantis. You’ll need to destroy the Picantis in order to find the Tacroach. Once the Preying Picantis has been dismantled, simply chase after the Tachroach and lead it into your Snak Trap. 

Preying Picantis

The Preying Picantis is one of the harder Bugsnax to catch. You’ll find them nearby the lake in the middle of the Sizzlin’ Sands. You’ll need to use hot sauce to lead it to the lake. Get it into the lake in order to cool it off and then you’ll need to use the Trip Shot to knock it out before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out it will explode into the Tacroach, the Eggler, and the Incherrito.

Black Lollive

The Black lollive behaves exactly like the Green Lollive. You just need to put some hot sauce on a Snak Trap nearby to grab it. 

Loaded Spuddy

The Loaded Spuddy can be grabbed by using hot sauce or ketchup to lead it to a Preying Picantis. It hates the Picantis so they will fight, and it will knock out the Loaded Spuddy. 

Alternatively, you could lead it to the Flapjackarak which will spin it around and knock it out. 


Bring this Bugsnax down by using ranch or hot sauce. You can put it on a snak trap or onto a Flapjackarak to knock it out. 


The easiest way to get an Eggler is to find one of the eggs scattered around the Sizzlin’ Sands. You can find one up on the giant pyramid. Take it to any source of fire and light it on fire to cause the Eggler to hatch. Then just chase it down with a Snak Trap. 


To get this Bugsnax pit it against a Spuddy or Buffalocust to knock it out. Alternatively you could also use a Trip Shot on it. 


Use the cheese sauce to lead the Scorpepper into the lake, once it is no longer on fire, use your Trip Shot to knock it out and capture it.


To get the Incherrito all you have to do is explode the Preying Picantis and then use the Trip Shot to take it out. 

Black Razzy.

The Black razzy is found in the ruins underneath the Sizzlin’ Sands. The story will show you hwo to get into the area and even lead you to the Black Razzy. 

Sodie D

You can find it hanging out in the lake. Just drop your Snak Trap and wait.


The Cheezer is one of the fastest Bugsnax in the game. Learn its path and drop a Trip Shot but make sure it’s as close to the ground as possible. The Cheezer is very small and can sometimes get underneath a Trip Shot.

Meaty Snakpod

The Meaty Snakpod is just like all of the other Snakpods. You can find one right ontop of the statue where you find the cheese sauce and the Scorpepper.


The Bombino looks like a Totino’s Pizza Roll but is it exploded. You won’t have access to this Bugsnax until you get to the end of Cromdo’s quest line. Once you do, you’ll find it during the Mothza Supreme boss fight. 

Mothza Supreme 

The Mothza Supreme is one of the boss fights in Bugsnax. Once you get far enough in Cromdo’s questline you’ll be tasked with going to the Sizzlin’ Sands to catch a legendary Bugsnax. 

The Mothza Supreme fight consists of throwing Bombinos into the tornado the Mothza Supreme creates. Once the Mothza is knocked on the ground, grapple the green x on the nearest statue to bring down the giant pizza cutter. Do this four times to take down the Mothza Supreme and capture it. 

That was a lengthy section, but it’s behind us now. If you still need help let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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