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How to Catch Every Bugsnax in Scorched Gorge

by Jesse Vitelli

Here is how to catch every Bugsnax in Scorched Gorge. This is all part of our how to catch every Bugsnax guide series. If you continue to need help be sure to let us know because there are a hundred Bugsnax to collect and some of them can be extra tricky. Luckily we’re compiling them all here for you. 

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Scorched Gorge

BBQ Bunger

The BBQ Bunger is much more aggressive than your standard Bunger. It will charge at you once it lays its eyes on you. Once you obtain the launchpad from Cromdo, simply set it up and bait the BBG Bunger onto it. Launch that sucker into the sky and then go on pick it up once it’s knocked out. 

Sweet Fryder

The Sweet Fryder acts exactly the same as the regular Fryder. On the hill where you first meet Cromdo look left and you’ll see a small cliffside with the Sweet Fryder on it. Set own a launchpad and then set your Snak Trap on top of it. Launch the Snak Trap over to the Fryder to catch it. 


The Ribblepede is needed for story progression. There are three ruined buildings surrounding the area where you first meet Triffany. Inside each one there will be a Ribblepede on the ceiling. Simply drop a Snak Trap and cover it in hot sauce. Wait for the Ribblepede to enter the trap and bam. 


The Poptick is a little tricky. You’ll find them when you first enter the Scorched Gorge, directly to your left. THey look like little popcorn kernels, but you’ll need to pop them in order to catch them. Use your slingshot to cover them in hot sauce, which will provoke the Scorpenyo on the wall to shoot fire at them. Once they have been popped wait for the fire to go out and use your Snak Trap to capture them.


The Spuddy is found all over the Scorched Gorge. The easiest way to capture one is to use the same trick as the standard Bunger. Have two Spuddy charge each other and knock themselves out.


The Scorpenyo needs to be taken off the wall. You can do this by creating a trail of hot sauce towards the small stream nearby. Once it’s close to the stream aggro it by getting in its face. Then simply bait it into the stream to cool it off. 

 Shy Weenyworm

The Shy Weenyworm is hidden behind a secret wall inside of the Scorched Gorge. In order to access this area, you’ll need to go alongside the left side of the map. You will see a big wall with a crack in it. Shoot hot sauce near it and have a Spuddy ram into the wall to break it. Inside there will be some Shy Weenyworms that act exactly like the standard version. 


The Cheepoof can be found flying around the Scorched Gorge. Simply set up a launchpad and Snaktrap and launch it into the Cheepoof to capture it. 

White Cheepoof

This is the same exact strategy as the standard version, but at nighttime. 

Crystal Sweeiefly

The Sweetieflies are too fast to catch with a Snak Trap so you’ll have to wait until you get the Trip Shot. Simply set up a Trip Shot where the Crystal Sweetiefly takes a rest and it should knock itself out. 

Green Peelbug

The Green Peelbug is exactly the same as every other one. Find the holes on the left side of the map and use the Buggy Ball to bait them out. 

Puffy Snakpod

Another Snakpod in the mix. The easiest one to find in the Scorched Gorge is right where you first meet Triffany. Up above on one of the buildings, you will see it just hanging out. Use the grappler and it’s yours. 

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to catch every Bugsnax in Scorched Gorge. Let us know if you still need help on our official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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