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How to Build Combo Scores in Pac-Man Championship Edition

by Prima Games Staff

Now that Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 has been confirmed for September, we decided to revisit the original game, which is just as fun and competitive as it’s ever been. Here’s how to get a plethora of ghosts to follow you so you can build up your score in no time!

Attracting Ghosts in Pac-Man Championship Edition

First up, you may notice that there are two types of ghosts in Pac-Man Championship Edition. There are the ones that get released from the center square, just like in the arcade original; but there are also stationary ones that sit there in the maze, until you get close enough to them and attract their attention. In that case, they begin following you.

The key here is to get as many ghosts to follow you as you possibly can. Up to 30 can follow you at a time, so you can build up a chain and really get a conga line of ghosts pursuing you. This is a good thing, because you can easily turn the tables once you eat a Pac-Man pellet.

Don’t worry about the ghosts catching up to you. They’ll maintain the same level of speed as you in Pac-Man Championship Edition, and you can keep stringing them along as long as it takes to make a pellet appear on screen. In fact, the more you can get to follow you, the better, as it builds up your chain.

When you’re finally ready to make your move, go ahead and get a pellet. At this point, the ghosts will turn blue and you can begin devouring. If you’ve got 30 in a row, you’ll see a maximum chain of points add up, and you’ll also build up your power meter so you can keep things going for a little while. You can also repeat this process, provided you have enough time to keep running around the maze in Pac-Man Championship Edition.

Good luck, and eat those ghosts! You can catch a glimpse of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, due this September, in the trailer below.

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