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How to Build a Fire in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

How to Build a Fire in DayZ

Just when players were starting to figure out how to avoid hypothermia by building a campfire in DayZ, Bohemia went and changed the rules. Not only did they alter how to build a Fireplace Kit, but they also changed how survivors cook meat, now requiring a Cooking Pot. What is this sorcery?

Because we found it to be a massive pain in the backside to make a fire as of 0.54, we figured we should take the time to update this article on how to build a Fireplace Kit. We’re not focusing on the cooking side of things, because let’s face it… nobody cooks now that the circumstances rival that of Master Chef. Bring on the Canned Peaches!

How to Craft a Fireplace Kit

Sticks in DayZ

The good news is that crafting the Fireplace Kit isn’t all that hard. For this, players only need one Stick, and getting this is as easy as finding a bush, of which there are plenty all over Chernarus. Of course, survivors will need something to cut that bush down, but a Firefighter Axe, Splitting Axe or even a Machete should do the trick.

Gamers can approach the bush and use the scroll wheel on their mouse to find the option to chop it down. When this is done, three Sticks should be added to their inventory, assuming they have room.

The next part of the process is to find Rags, Bandages, Paper or even a Book. This will make up the second half of the Fireplace Kit. The most likely option is a Rag, since players can get these by simply tearing up their t-shirts upon spawning into the game.

Once they have the necessary components, survivors can open their inventories and combine the Stick with the Rag (for example) to craft the Fireplace Kit, placing it on the ground. If it’s raining, put it inside a house and lock the doors with a Lockpick if one is available.

A Fireplace Kit Into a Fireplace

Rags in DayZ

With the Fireplace Kit now placed on the ground, players will need to add the fuel that will cause it to turn into a Fireplace. This is done by either adding at least one stick, or one piece of Firewood. For those looking to quickly warm up, we’d advise simply cutting down two bushes, as this will provide gamers with six Sticks (one for the Fireplace Kit and five for the Fireplace).

How long your fire burns will be up to how much fuel you give it. More Wooden Sticks or pieces of Firewood will cause it to burn longer. To add the fuel to the fire, simply open up the inventory and drag it over top of the Fireplace Kit on the left hand side. From there, all that’s needed are some Matches to light it.

Players need to put the Matches in their hands, then look at the Fireplace and choose the option to ignite it. Should your fire go out, you can add more fuel to it, then blow on it to get it burning again, rather than wasting another Match.

The Stone Oven or Furnace

Matches in DayZ

The Fireplace doesn’t have to stop there, as it can actually be upgraded to a Stone Oven. The reason for this is that cooking over a normal Fireplace requires a Cooking Tripod and Cooking Pot, while the Stone Oven only requires the Cooking Pot. Still a huge inconvenience, but not quite as bad as the Fireplace.

Of course, as of 0.57, you can actually cook meat on an Ashwood Stick. Note that this is not the standard Wooden Stick, it’s an actual Ashwood Stick, the same type that you would use to craft an Improvised Fishing Rod.

It’s still not exactly an easy process, but at the end of the day cooking with a stick sure beats hunting for Stones, which you’ll see if you keep reading.

To craft the Stone Oven, players will need to find eight Stones. Note that these are not the Small Stones that can be easily picked up along the shores of the ocean, lakes or ponds. The Small Stones are what players will use to craft the Improvised Knife, something that we highly suggest doing.

No, Stones are the ones that take up four inventory slots (2 x 2), and players will need eight of them. The good news is they can be stacked so that survivors only give up the four inventory slots once. Add them to the Fireplace to create the Stone Oven, then start cooking up that human Raw Boar Steak.

Note: As of 0.57 it appears that eight Small Stones can be used to craft the Stone Oven, although we’re not sure whether this will change in the future. We’ll update this article when we know more.

More Notes: As of 0.57 you can actually craft a Fireplace with Stone Ring. This is done by adding five Small Stones to your already existing Fireplace. Please keep in mind that during any update, we could see this move from Small Stones to regular Stones that you would have to go mining for.


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