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How to Build A Bow In Valheim

by Jesse Vitelli

Valheim is currently dominating the Steam charts as everyone tries to live out their Viking fantasy. It’s a survival game all about crafting your way to a home on a new frontier. You’ll face countless enemies throughout the game, so you’ll want to be armed. Here’s how to build a bow in Valheim.

How To Build A Bow In Valheim

In order to build a bow and arrows, you’ll need a few things first. Build a Hammer out of some rocks and wood, which will give you access to the building menu when you equip the Hammer.

From there you’ll need to build a Workbench, which will give you access to tools such as the Stone Axe and the Hoe. Once you’ve set down a Workbench go up to it and hit E. This will open the Workbench menu and show you everything you’ll be able to craft.

Now you probably won’t see a bow on the list just yet. You’ll need to get some leather for it to show up on your crafting tree.

In order to get leather, you’ll need to kill some boars, which luckily can be found commonly around the starting area. Go around killing boars with either a club, an axe, or your bare fists.

Once you have eight leather, go back to your Workbench and you’ll be able to craft a Crude Bow. The arrows need to be crafted separately, but you’ll also see them now in the Workbench options.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to build a bow in Valheim. For more Valheim guides be sure to keep an eye on Prima Games Twitter and Facebook accounts. 


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