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No Man’s Sky – How to Build a Base

by Prima Games Staff

Base building is a huge aspect of No Man’s Sky, and the developers at Hello Games have made it even bigger and better than ever in No Man’s Sky NEXT. How to claim a base in No Man’s Sky is very important, but it’s just as important to know how to build a base in No Man’s Sky as well. To help you get started, we’ll show you how to claim your first base and get started with base building in No Man’s Sky.

How to Claim a Base

Claiming a base in No Man’s Sky basically makes the land around it yours so that other players can’t destroy or mess with it. This allows you to build freely without having to worry about other players coming along in the world and doing something nefarious to your hard work. It also allows you to see where your base is, which means you can return to it later.

One of the biggest changes made to base building in No Man’s Sky NEXT is the removal of prefabricated pieces as the main building blocks. Instead, the game has been replaced by individual walls, roofs, doorways, and more. This allows for more control over the look and feel of the base as a whole, and you’ll be able to unlock a ton of new building pieces over the course of your exploration through the game.

To get started and claim your base, you’re going to need to progress through the game’s storyline a bit. Eventually you’ll travel to a new planet, where you’ll find a transmission which rewards you with the building plans for a Base Computer. To build this you’ll need to acquire some hefty materials like Chromatic Metal. You can learn how to get Chromatic Metal by checking out our handy guide.

How to Build a Base

Once you build the Base Computer, it’s time to find a base and get ready to settle down. Ideally, you’ll want a planet that isn’t harsh in any way. Unfortunately, the first planet we found that we really liked had a bit of a heat problem, but that isn’t something we couldn’t work with, so we continued on anyway.

Plop down the Base Computer where you want to claim your base, and then choose to claim your base. This will lock the Base Computer into place, so make sure you choose a good spot that you like beforehand. When you’re ready, claim it, and it’s time to start building.

You can bring up the building menu by pressing Z. This will display all the different types of items you have available right now. Go ahead and take some time getting used to things, and be sure to prepare yourself for lots of resource gathering. Items can take up a lot of resources if you want a nice sized base, so for now it might be best to stick with something easy. We went with a three by three design, which took us a little bit to gather for, but ultimately gave us a little room to work.

Now that you know how to claim and build your base, let’s talk more about how you can change your camera mode, and be sure to head back over to our No Man’s Sky NEXT guide for more helpful information and guides.

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