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How to Beat Far Cry 5 in 15 Minutes – Secret Ending

by Josh Hawkins

Those who played Far Cry 4 were astounded when they learned that the game had a secret ending. Following that same tradition, Ubisoft crafted the story within the latest game in the series to give players a very similar choice with a Far Cry 5 secret ending. Should you choose to get the secret ending, you can even beat Far Cry 5 in 15 minutes. Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get the secret ending in Far Cry 5 and beat the game in less than fifteen minutes.

How to Get the Secret Ending

If you want to beat Far Cry 5 in less than fifteen minutes and unlock the secret ending, then there is really only one thing that you’ll have to watch out for. At the start of the game you fly into the compound where Father Joseph Seed is speaking to members of his congregation. At this point you, the Sheriff, and a U.S. Marshall are set on bringing in the Father and arresting him for several federal charges.

Follow the Sheriff and the Marshall to the church and head inside. Wait for the various cutscenes to play and then eventually the Marshall should present the charges. After everyone leaves the church—save for the Father, the Marshall, you, and the Father’s family, wait for the Father to put his hands forward so that you can arrest him. The Marshall will tell you to cuff the Father. When this happens, you’ll receive a prompt on your screen.

When you get this prompt, simply ignore it. Don’t press anything on your keyboard or controller, and instead just wait. After a good few minutes of awkwardness—and a few voice lines from both the Father and the Marshall, the Sheriff will step forward and lower the Father’s hands and tell you to turn around and leave. Along with the Sheriff, you head out of the church and the credits roll. Congratulations, you’ve just beat the entire game in less than fifteen minutes.

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